Wednesday, December 17, 2008

*NEW* ReCoNsTrucTioN

Its been suuuch a loooong time since I've updated this blog..
Hahahaha.. I was just sooo busy lately..
I guess I've came up with a way 2 prevent his from happening..
Hmmm.. I want a team that can hold this blog 2gether for updating and make this blog a HIT 4 all the FT ISLAND's PRIMADONNA all over the world..

If any of u r interested, please contact me:

Also, I want a few suggestion on how 2 improve this blog better..
I want to reconstruct this whole blog 4 a better feel.. Hehehhe..
Hope there r a lot of u tht want 2 contribute..
Feel free 2 contact me anytime..

Here r the teams that I want:

♥ Graphics n Blog Design

♥ FT Island's Updates

♥ FT Island's Downloads Request

♥ FT Island's Video Updates

♥ Blog's Advertisements (popularise this blog)

I'll be posting the members that wants 2 be part of this. But be sure 2 make this possible k.. ;D