Wednesday, December 17, 2008

*NEW* ReCoNsTrucTioN

Its been suuuch a loooong time since I've updated this blog..
Hahahaha.. I was just sooo busy lately..
I guess I've came up with a way 2 prevent his from happening..
Hmmm.. I want a team that can hold this blog 2gether for updating and make this blog a HIT 4 all the FT ISLAND's PRIMADONNA all over the world..

If any of u r interested, please contact me:

Also, I want a few suggestion on how 2 improve this blog better..
I want to reconstruct this whole blog 4 a better feel.. Hehehhe..
Hope there r a lot of u tht want 2 contribute..
Feel free 2 contact me anytime..

Here r the teams that I want:

♥ Graphics n Blog Design

♥ FT Island's Updates

♥ FT Island's Downloads Request

♥ FT Island's Video Updates

♥ Blog's Advertisements (popularise this blog)

I'll be posting the members that wants 2 be part of this. But be sure 2 make this possible k.. ;D


kacey said...

We invite you to be an author of FT Island for please notice that the blog will only be active starting this friday....So if you are interested,please e mail ,thank you!

If you dun have a blogger account you can sign up one at

if you dun understand please visit is the demo

The main purpose of this project is to boost the traffic of your blog by putting a link below the posts u posted...So for articles posts just post half the articles then link to your blog...For photos posts just post all the pics and at the credits there link to your own blog....

I will try to find 50 affliations this friday to boost the blog's traffic...If you are interested please reply me..
Once you agree,we will send you a message to permit you to post on the blog and your site link will appear on the new blog too....

Hope that we will become partners very soon!

Lee_zuchriE said...


when do you unpdate you blog?

i'm hwaiting !!!!

Anonymous said...

i kind a interseted with this thing as i really luv ft island..s o it's cool..